How Smart Brickell's Amenities Will Enhance the Miami Lifestyle?

How Smart Brickell’s Amenities Will Enhance the Miami Lifestyle?

Smart Brickell is establishing itself as a beacon of innovation and modernity in Miami’s real estate landscape, offering several amenities that define and will set a new standard for urban living.

The culmination of this development promises high-end residences and dynamic commercial spaces, serving as a catalyst for wellness and entertainment for its visitors.

Let’s explore how the amenities that Smart Brickell currently offers and will offer in the future will constitute a lifestyle that combines luxury and convenience.


Wellness Spaces and Amenities

At Smart Brickell, wellness is evident in every detail, especially in the amenities designed to maximize the residential experience within the urban environment.

Resort-style facilities, strategically located on different levels of the development, provide a daily escape to relaxation and well-being.

On the eighth floor, residents can enjoy the pool area, where they can swim and sunbathe while taking in the city views.

The spa and wellness center is another amenity that Smart Brickell already offers. Here, visitors can access a variety of treatments designed to revitalize body and mind.

Complementing these facilities, the 24th-floor gym allows residents to stay fit while enjoying panoramic views of the area, elevating each workout session to an energizing experience.


Green Spaces and Recreational Areas

Smart Brickell cleverly integrates green areas into its design, creating a healthy and connected environment that invites residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and nature without leaving the complex.

These green areas are distributed throughout the development and were meticulously designed to offer a tranquil retreat amidst Miami’s urban life.

The development includes terraces and rooftop gardens that provide serene spaces for rest and meditation. These places not only improve air quality but are also key points for recreation, offering exceptional views and spaces for outdoor activities such as morning yoga and social events.

These areas were strategically located to maximize their accessibility and use, ensuring that all residents can benefit from an environment designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

In this way, Smart Brickell is committed to the well-being of its residents, providing them with a space to revitalize themselves every day.


Gastronomic Offerings

Smart Brickell is poised to become a key destination for gastronomy and entertainment in Miami, promising to enrich the culinary and recreational offerings of the area with a series of innovative venues and spaces planned to open in the future.

Currently, Soca Smart Café leads the way in the complex, offering a standout experience with its selection of high-quality coffees and artisanal dishes that reflect Colombia’s rich coffee culture.

Looking to the future, Smart Brickell plans to expand its culinary offerings with the addition of more restaurants, bars, and cafes.

These new establishments promise to offer a culinary diversity ranging from local dishes to international options, all conveniently located within the complex for residents and visitors to enjoy just steps from their homes.


Commercial Spaces

Smart Brickell is also set to transform into a premier shopping destination.

Luxury commercial spaces are planned to be integrated into the complex, offering people an ideal shopping experience. These stores will not only provide quality products but also an exceptional shopping environment, thus enhancing convenience and quality of life in the complex.

With everything accessible in one place, Smart Brickell is destined to become a hub of activity that will attract both local and international shoppers, further enhancing the experience of modern urban living in Miami.


Smart Brickell’s amenities not only raise the standard of living for its residents but also represent a valuable investment opportunity. This development is designed to enrich Miami’s community, attracting residents, businesses, and visitors.

We invite you to discover how you can be part of this exciting project, which offers substantial benefits in terms of both capital and lifestyle.

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