Smart Brickell's Pool Deck: An Urban Escape Like No Other

Smart Brickell’s Pool Deck: An Urban Escape Like No Other

In the search for residences and accommodations that offer amenities that provide an escape from the urban environment, Smart Brickell stands out for providing both residents and visitors with a spectacular pool on its eighth floor.

Whether you are looking for a place to relax or to keep up with your sports routine, this amenity is a differentiator when choosing where to stay or live in Brickell.


Smart Brickell Pool Deck Rating

Smart Brickell’s pool deck is an exceptional amenity for its visitors and residents, making it an ideal gathering spot for meetings and social gatherings that reinforce the sense of community within the complex.

The inclusion of the pool enhances the attractiveness of the project, offering people a space that provides both relaxation and the possibility of performing a physical activity as complete as swimming.

Located on the eighth floor, the pool offers exclusive views of the Brickell district, establishing itself as a special location for those who enjoy the scenery or wish to take photographs in a privileged place, capturing unique sunrises and sunsets.

In addition, Smart Brickell is expected to incorporate a bar service in the future. This will further enhance the attractiveness of the pool, offering an exclusive menu of cocktails and drinks to enjoy on the pool deck.


Benefits of the Smart Brickell pool

The Smart Brickell pool provides benefits for both its residents and those who choose to vacation in Miami.

On many occasions, visitors can participate in complementary activities related to the pool. From a pool party to sport and wellness events, each one of them offers the possibility to enjoy this facility in a particular way.

The recreational experience of visitors is enhanced through these events, perfectly complementing the lodging and generating a loyalty that promises a return visit to Smart Brickell.

Whether for people looking to relax after a long walk around the city, swimming enthusiasts looking to keep active during their vacation, families with children looking for a relaxing space within the residential space, or people looking for a common space to socialize, Smart Brickell’s pool meets these needs.


Advantages for residents and guests

Choosing a complex with a pool offers many advantages for visitors and residents, especially in terms of health and wellness.

Swimming improves muscular strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance without putting undue stress on the body, making swimming an ideal activity for those looking for an effective way to stay active, even on vacation.

In addition, for those visiting the city on business, the pool offers a space to reduce stress and promote a relaxed state of mind. The simple act of floating in the water can be therapeutic and soothing, making the Smart Brickell pool a haven for those who need a mental break from their busy schedules. 

Through this relaxing environment Smart Brickell offers its visitors improvements not only in their moods, but in the quality of sleep, a factor highly considered by those dealing with jet lag or travel stress.


Through this and other amenities, Smart Brickell guarantees an unparalleled lodging and residential experience that satisfies even the demands of the modern traveler.

If you are looking to be part of this innovative real estate development, we invite you to contact us and be part of a project that is redefining the concept of living, working and vacationing in Miami.

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