Soca Café, a New Addition to Smart Brickell

Soca Café, a New Addition to Smart Brickell

This month marks the opening of Soca Café at Smart Brickell, becoming a prized addition for those who love a good coffee. With a promise to bring the best of Colombian coffee beans to Miami, this café is not just a place to enjoy an excellent cup but a space where coffee culture is passionately celebrated. 


The launch of this coffee bar invites both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in an environment where commitment to quality and sustainability defines every sip and bite.


Soca Café, Origins and Philosophy


The origins of Soca Café trace back to the Huila region of Colombia, a world-renowned area for its coffee culture and the production of some of the most aromatic and high-quality coffees. 


In Huila, women play a central role in coffee bean production. Soca Café collaborates closely with these women, aiming to support and empower them, providing them with a productive platform to contribute to the coffee industry.


Commitment to the Community


Soca Café is firmly committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that both the production and sale of coffee have a beneficial social impact. This business purchases coffee beans following strict ethical standards, favoring direct buying from Colombian producers who implement responsible agricultural techniques. 


Furthermore, this coffee bar reinvests part of its profits into development programs that help improve infrastructure and basic services in the producing regions. 


This approach creates a virtuous cycle of growth and development that benefits both producers and consumers, ensuring that each cup of coffee served represents a step towards a fairer and more sustainable future.


Coffee Offerings


Soca Café offers a diverse selection of beans from the finest farms in Colombia. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of coffee preparations, from intense and aromatic espressos to smooth lattes and artistically decorated cappuccinos. 


The specialty of this coffee bar is the House Blend, which is carefully selected to balance body and flavor, ensuring a unique experience in each cup. Limited editions and special roasts that explore different flavor profiles are also offered, ideal for those looking to go beyond traditional choices.


In addition to its coffee options, Soca Café has a selection of teas and other beverages for those who prefer alternatives to coffee. Each drink is prepared with the same attention to detail, ensuring the satisfaction of all palates visiting the place.


Customer Experience


Soca Café focuses intensely on creating an environment that enhances the experience of each visitor. 


From the entrance, the café’s design is intended to envelop customers in an atmosphere that balances modernity with coziness, facilitating both social interaction and personal enjoyment in a peaceful space. 


The customer service at Soca Café is noted for its warmth and efficiency, with a team always available to guide visitors through the menu’s variety, explaining the origins and characteristics of each coffee selection. 


These details make each visit to Soca Café a pleasant experience where customers can enjoy quality coffee in an environment meticulously designed for their comfort.


The inauguration of this coffee bar at Smart Brickell is a clear sign of the dynamic growth and innovation that defines this development. With few units available, it is the ideal time for investors to consider being part of Smart Brickell, a project that continues to expand and enrich the local community. 


Investing in Smart Brickell not only bets on real estate but on an environment that promises to continue attracting high-caliber businesses and visitors.

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