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Who is Behind the Smart Brickell Project?

Smart Brickell is making its mark on Miami, not just in terms of investment and unit flexibility, but also by offering a world-class lifestyle in the city.


A team of dedicated and visionary professionals are behind the construction and design of Smart Brickell, collaborating to shape this extraordinary development.


About Smart Brickell


Smart Brickell is a cutting-edge residential development featuring three iconic towers in Brickell, Miami.


With one tower already built and operational, and two more in advanced stages of construction, this project will blend hotel units, luxury residences, and world-class amenities.


Behind the Project


Habitat Group: Urban Developments of Excellence


Based in Miami, Habitat Group is the developer behind the project. Since its inception, the group has been committed to redefining Miami’s urban landscape with exceptionally high-quality projects.


From concept to completion, Habitat Group has led the Smart Brickell project, overseeing every stage of the development process.


Habitat Group’s focus on creating spaces that enhance the quality of life for its residents has been fundamental to the development.


This commitment is reflected in the creation of a residential environment that offers luxury, comfort, and convenience in every detail.


Adriana Hoyos: Design and Elegance


Adriana Hoyos, a renowned interior designer, has been the creative mind behind the creation of elegant and sophisticated spaces at Smart Brickell.


With a distinguished career in the design industry, Hoyos brings her distinctive style and meticulous attention to detail to this exceptional project.


Known for her approach to merging elegance with craftsmanship, Adriana Hoyos has left a distinctive mark on Smart Brickell, blending modern design elements with touches of timeless luxury.


Beauchamp: Excellence in Construction


Specializing in high-end and large-scale projects, Beauchamp Construction Co. has demonstrated through Smart Brickell its ability to meet the highest standards of quality and execution.


As an integral part of the construction team, Beauchamp Construction Co. oversees all stages of the process, from initial planning to project completion.


Their focus on efficiency and quality ensures that Smart Brickell is delivered in optimal condition, meeting the most demanding expectations of clients and residents.


Arquitectonica Interiors: Raising the Standard of Living


With vast experience in creating environments that captivate the senses, Arquitectonica Interiors has designed the residences at Smart Brickell to maximize every square foot.


Their focus on space optimization and the integration of elegant elements ensures that each residence epitomizes luxury and style.


Each residence is a masterpiece of design, where aesthetics meet comfort to create an exceptional home.


Ginard Studio: Architecture of the Luxe Tower


Ginard Studio is the architectural team responsible for the creation of Smart Brickell’s third tower, known as the Luxe Tower.


With a focus on modern, functional architecture, the studio is creating an elegant tower inspired by the urban landscape of Brickell, with a structure that harmoniously integrates with its surroundings.


Ocean Bank: Financial Partners


Smart Brickell was able to begin construction thanks to a $24 million loan provided by Ocean Bank.


This strategic financing, offered by one of South Florida’s leading banks, propelled the project toward realization.


In addition to its financial role, Ocean Bank also promotes economic development in Brickell. Their collaboration with local organizations drives growth and prosperity in the region.


If you’re an investor looking to diversify your portfolio through real estate projects that are redefining one of America’s fastest-growing cities, you can contact the Smart Brickell team and be part of this project.


With only a few units available, and highlighted by their high demand, Smart Brickell demonstrates the commitment to excellence of every individual and company behind the project.


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